Tuesday, 2 January 2007

Son of a Bastard Blonde

I did a Bastardised store cupboard Blonde ale. I messed up a little (Left the kettle tap open and lost some wort, so I added LME to make up the gravity.) This is the second attempt so it is the "Son of"

Brewer: Orfy Email: -
Beer: Son of a Bastard Blonde Style: Belgian Strong Ale
Type: All grain Size: 23 liters
7 HCU (~6 SRM)
Bitterness: 27 IBU
OG: 1.059 FG: 1.012
Alcohol: 6.1% v/v (4.8% w/w)
Water: Cheshire tap.
Grain: 5kg British pale
1kg British Munich
.25g Dextrine malt (Cara-Pils)
.25g Flaked wheat
Mash: 70% efficiency
60 minutes at 68
Batch Sparged
Boil: 60 minutes SG 1.045 30 liters
84g Brown sugar
I did a First Wort Hopp and put in the sugar at the beginning before the boil and added Irish moss at 10 minutes left.
Hops: 28.1g Kent Goldings (5% AA, 60 min.)
28.1g Styrian Goldings (5.5% AA, 30 min.)
40g Northern Brewer (aroma)
Yeast: I racked onto the yeast cake of the original "Bastard Blonde"
Log: WOW - Racking on yeast cake. Started to foam and bubble like hell at 45 minutes. Fermented out to 1012 in under 24 hours

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In Primary after 24 hours

It got racked to secondary after 5 days.
Then into a keg on the 21st January. I want it to be lively so I added 150g of DME to prime.

It seems to of cleared quite well and is totally stable at 1010

I'm happy with the colour and taste. Infact it tastes like it'll be ready to drink when It's carbonated.