Friday, 8 December 2006

Turbo Cider

Thanks to the guys at Jim's Home Brew Forum I thought I'd have a go at "Turbo Cider"
I'm going to change a few things. I read peoples comments that the cider comes out very dry. This is fine by me but I have 80 pints of bitter that the wife hates so I thought I'd let here in on the cider and she likes Medium. So I plan to use beer yeast rather than Champagne or wine yeast that seems to be the norm. The standard AJ used seems to have a gravity of 1050 and the Asda stuff is 1040 so I'm adding 300g of table sugar. The cider says 100% from concentrate and doesn't list any additives or preservative so I hope it'll be okay. If my maths are right then it'll work out at a 1060 to 1010 Ferment giving 7% ABV.

C0st so far. 5l of apple Juice £2.90, young s beer yeast £0.55, 300g sugar £0.25
Total : £3.70 for 5l which is just cheaper than the Cheap Loopy Juice Ciders available in the Supermarkets.

Turbo Cider, here we come.
Asda's best 100% from concentrate no additives listed.

First thing is to add the yeast to half a glass of water and 1 tablespoon of apple juice. Put to one side till later.

Heat 1 litre of apple Juice Add 300g sugar.

Add 3l of juice to the fermenter. Add 1l warm juice and sugar
Check Temperature and chill if required to <27c style="cursor: pointer;" src="" alt="" id="BLOGGER_PHOTO_ID_5006119024108085058" border="0">
Pitch the Happy Yeast.

Shake the Hell out of it to aerate. Add the bung and airlock. Keep at 20 - 25c
Wait till the initial activity calms down then top up with the next 1l of juice.

The OG turned out to be 1064
10/12/2006 : I topped the fermenter up to the next with 3/4l of juice.
14/12/2006 : Gravity down to 0992, EEK that means BIG ABV! Racked to secondary
21/12/2006 : Primed with 30g of sugar and bottled in PET bottles
24/12/2006: First bottle drank, obviously not carbonated yet.
02/01/2007: All gone. WOW strong stuff.